Grain terminals that speed up business!

Grain terminals that speed up business! ⚡️ The second year we are heading into construction. Already the fourth object has appeared on our map of development, and the fifth, sixth, seventh – are already visible on the horizon. We are convinced that with each new terminal we not only strengthen our position in the market, […]

The health of those around us depends on each of us

The health of those around us depends on each of us: close people, colleagues, acquaintances or ordinary passers-by, whom we contact every day. Therefore, each of us has a huge responsibility – to take care of our own health to protect others. Scientists have proven that the most effective way to control COVID-19 is vaccination. […]

The Day of Agricultural Workers!

November 21 marks the Day of Agricultural Workers! 🚜🌽🌽🌽 Congratulations to all farmers on their professional holiday! 😊 We respect your work and wish you a bountiful harvest, peace, prosperity and prosperity! 😉 Respect the grain!

Construction is complete!

Construction is complete! 💪😉 Yes, we have completed the construction work on grain terminal # 2 and are fully testing all the systems of the new facility. It will be launched very soon, and we are looking forward to the start! In the meantime, we are strengthening and training the #ugtctrade_team team, which will serve […]

Оne of the most practical business meetings

Yesterday held one of the most practical business meetings of the project #farmer_school and our guest from the association “Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business” – Oleg Nesterov @ oleg_nesterov.31 They discussed changes in the existing areas of state support, as well as considered pilot projects of the state to support farmers this and next year. […]

Construction continues!

Construction continues! Step by step we go to the goal.🎯 Yes, today at the Ternopil terminal the next stage of construction is completed! The process is somewhat reminiscent of a game with a constructor. Gradual construction of small parts, which will eventually become a working structure with convenient services for trading. Experience in the implementation […]

Export to South Korea!

This week, a new partnership with a country that was not on our export map before, and that is South Korea!🇰🇷 Yesterday we loaded Poltava #corn into containers, which we send to the port of #kwangyang, South Korea.😁 We are expanding the geography of cooperation with Ukrainian farmers.🤝 Respect the grain!